Border problems hurting economy

The surplus of immigrants and delays at the border are daunting to myself and my coworkers as we are in a business of electrical distribution.

Often, we in this industry are asked by our clients to order electrical supplies that are manufactured only in Mexico. The foregoing issue at the border is causing a delay in many projects being built in the Rio Grande Valley. Lead times for material are increasing without notice and this is causing major problems, whether it be schools needing electrical upgrades or new city halls being built.

I believe not finding a remedy to accommodate all positions at the border will lead to our economy in the Valley and all the U.S. being greatly affected, as many businesses are dependent on produce and material that is only manufactured or cheaper to buy in Mexico.

This is all an unfortunate chain of events. This influx of immigrants happened out of nowhere and because of children’s recent deaths, this is an appropriate initial reaction by the Border Patrol.

Although long-term wise, there needs to be a plan to hire the humanitarians necessary in order to have enough Border Patrol officers to work the borders. It is crucial for government officials to consider the importance of hiring temporary humanitarians or expand the Border Patrol.

I believe the continued lack of action by government officials will result in billion-dollar losses in the state of Texas.

Sayda Burton, Alton

Controlling immigration

The number of illegal immigrants is among the top news headlines, with the main question at hand being, when will this problem get better?

The Republicans and Democrats are at opposite ends in the discussion of what must be done to control illegal immigration. If the government isn’t able to meet somewhere in the middle the number of illegal immigrants crossing into America will continue to increase.

Perhaps one of the issues affecting immigration laws and policies is the changes happening among the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With the number of illegal immigrants at a record high this year a major changes needs to be made, and changing the members of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a step in the right direction.

The numbers of illegal immigrants show only one thing, which is that laws and policies are not controlling this situation.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem that affects everyone in America, but it’s a problem that not everyone can directly control. Illegal immigration must be controlled by the government and the personal who are hired to do this job, but unfortunately it is not happening; in fact, it’s becoming worse.

Immigration laws are in desperate need of a complete change. Republicans and Democrats need to find a middle ground and remember that it’s not about who wins but how America becomes great again.

Michelle Vega, Edinburg

Get vaccine for mumps

The Hidalgo County Health Department has discovered that five out of the 18 cases tested have mumps (April 12). Some places were temporarily closed down due to this highly contagious disease, leaving our children at risk.

Health officials could have been avoided this disease if they had gotten people vaccinated because it is not just the adults who can get this disease, it’s also the kids. They don’t have their immune systems as developed as the adults do; they are growing right now and developing their immune systems, and it is more likely that they will get it.

Parents would not want their children to be getting sick with this highly contagious disease, they want their children to be safe and healthy.

There is a way that people can be safe from mumps and such diseases, and it is people getting their vaccines regularly. It can prevent it from spreading all around us because the health officials would be prepared and know what to do to keep it from spreading and infecting us.

I really hope people start realizing that if you have the mumps then you should get tested and get vaccinated, because you could potentially be risking a child’s health.

I hope health officials can be more aware of diseases because we want the people and the children to be safe but mainly the children, so we wouldn’t have to worry all the time.

Jason Garcia, La Joya

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