High temperatures mark the end of the month

With highs reaching potentials of 105 in the western chunk of the Rio Grande Valley, it seems July isn’t going to end without one last heat wave.

The majority of the Valley will see highs today in the triple digits, with only the coastal areas getting any sort of respite, according to the National Weather Service.

Cloud cover also won’t be of much help today, and winds are keeping low between 10 to 15 mph.

While the only real chance of rain today is out in the ocean, that changes up in the coming week. A little bit, anyway.

Starting tomorrow, there is a chance of isolated showers, a chance which continues into the weekend and on to Monday. NWS says the rain will mostly be relegated to the areas of east of I-69C, but the chance still remains.

Temperatures for the next five days don’t drop much, seeing the first week of August with highs nearing the mid-100s.