Murder suspect maintains innocence, loses bid for lower bond

A man accused of bludgeoning his father to death last December won’t have his bond reduced any further, court records indicate.

Joseph Robert Nocar, 39, appeared before 139th state District Judge Roberto “Bobby” Flores in an attempt to reduce his bond from $1.5 million, according to court records.

Joseph is accused of killing his father, Frederick Nocar, 76, by striking him with an object on Oct. 24, 2018, records indicate.

Jail records indicate the man remains incarcerated on the $1.5 million bond.

After his arrest, Justice of the Peace Jason Peña set his bond at $2 million, according to newspaper archives.

At the time, Joseph asked Peña why he would set such a high bond for someone who is innocent.

“I’m not here to say whether you’re innocent,” Peña said at the time.

In a June 4 letter sent to Flores, Joseph, who has entered a not guilty plea to a charge of murder, again maintained his innocence while blaming the attack on “an unknown assailant.”

“Your honor my name is Joseph Robert Nocar and I am an innocent man! If I may say your Honor — please do not judge me by my appearance, please do not judge me by the content on my skin but by the content of my character,” Joseph wrote.

In the letter, the man tells Flores he — like his father — is a victim because he maintains he has been wrongfully accused.

“My father — god bless his departed soul, was victim of an unknown assailant; and I pray that— justice shall prevail concerning his death,” Joseph wrote. “I say this both as a son and father myself, but most importantly your Honor I say this as a son who loves his father; for both my father and I are victims of the same unknown — assailant …There are two victims here your Honor.”

Hidalgo County J.E. “Eddie” Guerra last year told reporters that deputies found Frederick lying in a pool of blood inside his Weslaco home after the man’s daughter contacted authorities because she was unable to contact her father for more than a week.

A probable cause affidavit obtained by The Monitor says investigators received an anonymous tip leading them to Joseph.

“A witness then came forward and informed sheriff’s investigators that he was told by Joseph Robert Nocar that he killed the victim and provided information about the injuries sustained by the victim that were not released to the public that were revealed to him by Joseph,” the affidavit stated.

According to the document, Joseph gave investigators consent to search the man’s truck, where authorities say they discovered a drop of blood on the exterior of the driver’s side door.

Guerra accused Joseph, who authorities allege is a gang member, of having a substance abuse problem and had assaulted his father in the past when the man hadn’t given him money to buy drugs, according to newspaper archives.

In his letter, Joseph promised Flores he would take his case to trial because he says he is innocent.

“This is why I am steadfast with my decision for going to trial, and will keep the course regardless of this ungodly false horrific storm and not to lose heart for my vindication and total exoneration,” Joseph wrote.

That jury trial is scheduled for Sept. 9.