Filmmakers casting local talent for RGV project

Rio Grande Valley natives Michael Ray Escamilla (“Hot Pursuit,” “Cruzando”) and Cèsar Garcia (WildBird Studios, “Mr. Gomez Is”) will return to the Valley to produce a feature film this fall.

The film is about a father in a Texas town who resorts to desperate measures to save his critically ill son. The lead role of Jim will be played by Escamilla.

Casting is now open for the following roles:

BEE, 28 to 35 (lead): She’s in her mid-30s. Used to work as a stripper, where she met Jim. She took the job because it was easy money and she wanted to get a home somewhere else in a better place. Bee and Jim both grew up in a rough neighborhood in Texas. She got pregnant with Michael. They moved to a better place in the same town. She now works in a supermarket.

MICHAEL, age 10 to 12 (lead): Is 12 years old. Sometimes he wakes up at night and doesn’t know where he is. He’s also acting a bit different than usual, in not doing what his parents tell him. He knows something isn’t quite right he just doesn’t know why. He’s a bit afraid of his father, but loves him dearly. His mother barks a lot but doesn’t bite like his dad.

CHARLIE, 29ish (featured lead): She’s 29, but her experience is like a 50 year old. She got pregnant early. The drug lords took her baby girl, and she’s been trying to get her back since. It’s been 10 years. She works cutting drugs, and at night as a stripper. She moves like a predator. She rarely sleeps.

STAN, 30s (featured lead): Stan is Jim’s younger brother. He’s in his mid-30s. Jim started working as a truck driver, but he kept being a small time crook. He sees his elder brother as the father he never had. He longs for his approval.

FRED, 54ish (featured): Fred is a drug lord. He’s 54 years old. His father worked as a gardener. Fred takes his father’s persona when he leaves the house. Few people know what he looks like. He doesn’t fear anyone. He sees himself as the smartest person in the room, and he’s been right so far.

FATBOY, 45 to 55 (featured: Handyman for the boss. A flamboyant fat man who enjoys his power, takes care of the women who cut the drugs. His enormous truck is his palace, with TV surveillance screens in the back. He is severely arrogant and boisterous. But everybody knows not to mess with him. He doesn’t get his hands dirty, himself. He obviously likes food. He is street smart and knows how to read people.

BANK WOMAN, 45 to 55 (featured): Good Christian lady. She’s conservative but with a winning smile. She is a new grandparent, which means she now has to see her abusive ex-husband, who took her self-confidence. Today she can’t look the two clients in the eyes.

EXTRAS: Additional extra and featured extra roles available. Looking for real people, so submit with little or no acting experience, as well as experienced actors

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