Third defendant in RGC murder case out on bond

Another defendant in the Chayse Olivarez murder case was ordered released this week after he was arrested again in April on a superseding indictment.

Sebastian Torres, 17, is charged with capital murder in the 2017 death of Chayse Olivarez, a Rio Grande City teenager whose dismembered remains were discovered in a Roma ranch.

Following the discovery, Torres — along with Jose Luis Garcia Jr., 18, and Phillip Selvera Jr., 18 — was subsequently arrested and charged with murder in connection with the case. A fourth defendant, Salvador Martinez, 20, was arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence.

However, in April, the 229th District Attorney’s Office announced that new evidence from the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab prompted a grand jury to review the case. As a result, the charges against Torres, Garcia, and Selvera were upgraded to capital murder.

The three men — who were out on bond awaiting trial prior to the new indictment — were arrested on the upgraded charges and ordered held without bond.

All three pleaded not guilty to the new charges during their respective arraignments.

On Tuesday, visiting state Judge Rogelio Valdez reinstated Torres’ previous bond and signed an order of release.

Valdez had done the same for Garcia in May, however last week, Garcia was ordered to be detained for five days after he violated a condition of his bond that requires he be under the supervision of a parent at all times.

The violation occurred when Garcia drove to an appointment with his probation officer without either of his parents. His father had been at work at the time and his mother elected to remain at home with Garcia’s siblings.

For Selvera, whose case is the only one that has not been transferred to Hidalgo County, 229th State District Judge Baldemar Garza reinstated his previous bond and signed an order for his release in June.

Trial dates for all four defendants have been set with Garcia’s coming up first on August 5.

A trial for Martinez is currently set for September 23 and a trial for Torres currently set for Oct. 15.

Selvera’s case is currently set to go to trial on Oct. 28.