La Grulla fire suppression rating to go into effect in December

An improved rating of the La Grulla’s ability to suppress fires — which could affect how much homeowners pay in insurance premiums — will go into effect in December, according to the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Last week, Police Chief Desi Olivarez announced that the Insurance Services Office was recommending an improved classification to the Fire Marshal’s Office.

The Insurance Services Office, or ISO, provides “statistical, underwriting and actuarial” information off of which insurance companies base their premiums for residential, commercial and industrial properties, according to a letter ISO sent to Olivarez.

In the letter, ISO notified the chief they were recommending a classification of Class 05/5x, down from the city’s previous classification was 8/8X.

It was that high rating that prompted Olivarez to implement changes.

The fire marshal’s office clarified the last time the Starr County city was surveyed was in 1999. Since then, the city established a volunteer fire department.

The change could cause residents’ insurance premiums to decrease and Olivarez said the city encourages them to notify their insurers of the new rating once it goes into effect in December.