Edinburg woman accused of running over relative with car

Docs: Defendant allegedly assaulted by 2 sisters in-law, husband during altercation

A woman from Edinburg faces felony charges related to an incident in which she allegedly ran over a member of her husband’s family as she attempted to leave a residence, court records show.

Pharr police arrested and booked Denise Gabriela Piña on June 13 in connection with an incident in late April that left one woman with serious internal injuries.

Piña, of Edinburg, allegedly ran over one of her husband’s relatives April 27 as she attempted to leave a residence in Pharr. The probable cause affidavit filed by Pharr police redacted the location of the incident.

At about 10:30 p.m., officers reported that Piña was allegedly assaulted by her husband and two sisters in-law, who were not named in the complaint, leading to the 24-year-old woman trying to leave the residence where the assault allegedly took place.

The report filed by Pharr police does not go into the husband’s alleged assault of Piña in detail and the man’s name was not used in the document.

According to the report, Piña got into her mother-in-law’s vehicle, which was already running, and attempted to leave the location.

The alleged victim, whose name was redacted, tried to prevent Piña from leaving by pulling her out of the vehicle. Piña allegedly responded by putting the vehicle into reverse.

As a result of the car reversing, the unidentified victim fell backwards as she stood behind the driver’s side door.

“(Piña) then ran over (redacted) right side of the body with the vehicle’s front tire,” the report read.

At some point, Piña also allegedly pointed a weapon, the type of which was also redacted in the report, at family members, according to the report.

Authorities stated that the victim suffered “serious internal injuries.”

Piña, who was given a $10,000 bond, was released June 17, jail officials said.

A call to Pharr police officials for more information about the incident has gone unreturned.

If convicted of the third-degree felony, Piña could receive between two and 10 years in state prison, and a $10,000 fine.