Visiting La Lomita

Recently I took the opportunity to visit La Lomita Chapel. I had never been there; I wanted to see it, the historical value for my church, my faith, and for the peace surrounding the area.

I get lost easily, but found it readily.

Getting over the levee was new for me, but I accomplished it.

I visited in the chapel, finding comfort, peace, serenity. The day was beautiful, trees about to bud fully, the park impeccably clean and neat. Each stopping point on the brick stone path led to more history, more information, more imagining what life was like for the men, the Oblate Fathers, who made such a journey to reach out to the rancheros in this part of the world. Leaving, I realized to the left of me was the Butterfly Center and Bentsen Park, to the right was the Don Diego Catholic High School and Anzalduas Park.

I am not from Mission, but riding into Granjeno, I wondered why Mission has not come forward to fight the barrier/wall that would soon cede all this land to Mexico. I am curious.

Martha Talamas , McAllen


U.S. intelligence agencies blasted

Recently, President Trump has been criticized for not having faith in the reports he gets from the CIA, NSA, and so on and so forth. I can only assume that the fact that those agencies have historically failed previous presidents has nothing to do with it.

President Kennedy was misinformed by the CIA on the Bay of Pigs invasion, bad intelligence resulted the defeat of U.S. supported rebels in Cuba, and they did the same for President Johnson in Vietnam, underestimating the Khmer rouge in Cambodia and creating an war that could not be won.

They failed President Carter in Iran, resulting in the rise to power of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic revolution that resulted in the American Embassy being overrun and the taking of American hostages for more than a year.

The fall of the Soviet Union came as a surprise to the Reagan administration, Bush 43 never found the uranium in Iraq that the CIA allegedly said was there, and several other intelligence failures since then.

The most devastating were the 9/11 attacks that went under the radar of the CIA.

These men at the top of these agencies retire to million-dollar salaries when they are allowed to keep their security clearances and peddle them to the national TV networks and newspapers. Ridding them of their security clearances makes them just ordinary Joes, so is it any wonder that they growl and snarl at President Trump when he revokes them?

Historically, the intelligence community has poorly served the office of the president, but they have won favor with the industrial military complex that makes billions from the wars they help start.

Jake Longoria III , Mission


Life over knowledge

The current state of our country,” wrote the person. The reason? We are receiving so much information, data, and have access to extremes amounts of knowledge; however, we are not growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mankind can build sophisticated smart cities, but men and women cannot get along with each other.

Since the Garden of Eden, Adam chose knowledge over “life.”

True Christians stand on the Rock (Jesus) and His Word. We walk by faith and not by sight, or feelings, or facts.

People have a lust for knowledge, data and facts, but we don’t know what to do with them. Public schools educate children in mind but not in morals.

If we reach for the “Tree of Life,” we will be comforted in knowing that Jesus says, “Take heart, don’t be afraid.”

He also says, “Don’t let your heart be troubled.” And, “Peace be with you.”

What is knowledge without life?

Choose life, and do your part in establishing God’s Kingdom on the Earth.

Rev. Jesus Vega, Weslaco

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