Drug trade merits wall

I can’t believe you would put down President Trump’s campaign for a wall in El Paso as “entertaining” when your front page on the same day was full of Jim Darling’s ridiculous antics trying to make us believe McAllen is Magic (Feb. 13). I was born 70 years ago in McAllen where City Hall is now and it will take more than magic bones and rappelling ropes to make up for the problem in this town.

Mayor Othal Brand is turning over his grave at his attorney’s efforts to make us believe McAllen is clean and decent. What about the San Juan drug dealer’s body that was found on north Ware Road stuffed in a bag?

Did you, the editor, not read page 7A Feb 13 on the back of your “put down” to our President Trump? The Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico has spent billions of drug money to smuggle their drugs in our country. Yes, El Chapo is in handcuffs, but Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada is free in Culiacan, Mexico. He has helped run the cartel for 30 years with El Chapo.

Their stronghold should be bombed into nonexistence for bringing into the U.S.A bags of fentanyl and plastic tubs of crystal meth, while still importing heroin and cocaine.

The last president of Mexico took millions of drug dollars in bribes to allow this.

Yes, Mexico must pay for the wall or we should invade and destroy the capital of Culiacan in Sinaloa. Arrest Zambada as well as Chapo’s sons Ivan, Archivaldo and Alfredo.

Bring them and their drug money back to the U.S.A just as my sons helped invade Panama and bring back Manuel Noriega!

God bless the United States of America and President Donald Trump!

Quannah Young, McAllen

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