Early voting begins Monday for McAllen city runoff

John Ingram and Victor "Seby" Haddad (The Monitor)

McALLEN — Voters in central McAllen can begin early voting at 8 a.m. on Monday at Lark Community Center or at Fireman’s Pump House, the only two early voting locations available for the District 5 City Commission race between incumbent John Ingram and challenger Victor “Seby” Haddad, a banker and businessman.

The early voting period lasts until June 18, with election day on June 22.

Ingram, who has represented the central McAllen district on the commission since 2005, is the longest serving city commissioner. He has faced stiff competition from Haddad, who has raised more than five times more money than Ingram, who does not place a strong emphasis on fundraising.

Haddad has also received several notable endorsements, including from the fire and police unions in McAllen, which Ingram has criticized.

“Seby sold his soul to place union interests before taxpayer interests in order to get union endorsements,” Ingram wrote in a Facebook post. “In 14 years John Ingram never accepted a union endorsement.”

Haddad responded with a Facebook post of his own.

“My opponent, in desperation, has revealed his true character with an extremely negative mailer that is not based on fact, but falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and laughable, yet sad content that bashes the integrity of over 60 supporters and local businesses, all who are hard working people and our neighbors who contribute greatly to our city and region,” Haddad wrote.