Health care plan needed

Recently after President Trump voiced prematurely that he had been completely exonerated following the vague Mueller report, he again got on his high horse and conveyed to millions of people that he was going to repeal Obamacare.

Just to put everything in perspective, Obamacare became law on March 23, 2010, as a result of the bill passing both houses. It had passed the Senate by a whooping vote of 60 to 39. It also passed the House by a narrower margin with 34 Democrats voting against it. And remember, the Republicans controlled both houses. Many debates took place with the pros and the cons brought up before the floor. Still, it became law.

Within the last few years the news media convey the possibility of Obamacare being repealed. Yes, the president wants to repeal it. With what?

To repeal it without another health care plan would be disastrous. There are millions of people with pre-existing conditions who need to be covered with the existing health care.

Recently on TV appeared a middle-aged man who stated that if not for Obamacare, he’d be dead. There are many others who would say the same thing. And, of course, there are people who say it’s too expensive and the coverage is not enough.

I’m OK with it being repealed if a plan is introduced that covers sufficient health care, is affordable for all people with high and low incomes, would be mandatory with all people paying health premiums and would cover people with existing health conditions. I would suggest having town meetings to have input from the general public before the debates take place in Congress.

Pete Romero, McAllen

Shame on our bishops

The article “Trials and revelations” really touched my wounded spirit (Feb. 1). I ask for the grace of God day and night to speak for the youth that have been assaulted by predators who are disguised as priests. I am not only sad but also disgusted that our bishops still have these predators performing marriages and baptisms when the known predator Ivan Rovira who was “credibly accused” should be in jail!

Shame on our bishops.

Mrs. (France) Becerra, Weslaco

Lay minister at St. Pius X Catholic Church

Constructive Spring Break

During Spring Break a group of 10 A&M students spent their week renovating homes of the less-fortunate in the Mission area. They bunked at St. Paul’s Catholic Church parish hall.

What a breath of fresh air knowing that instead of partying at South Padre, they chose to spend their vacation in hard work for the sake of others!

Dora Dovalina, Mission

Late abortions not believed

Bishop Pfeiffer, where is your proof (Letters, May 22)? I have supported women’s choice since I learned about the subject, back in the Seventies. I have never heard of the infanticide you speak of. Where is your proof? Just because Trump said it does not mean it is factual.

In the 40-plus years I have been around women’s clinics, I have never heard about the described procedure. I contacted two former clinic owners and asked if they knew of this happening and their answer was a resounding “no!”

What I do know is that the pro-life people are some of the most violent people in the nation. The pro-lifers have a history of murder, assault and bombings to prove how they are against killing people. If they were actually pro-life, there would be no hungry or disadvantaged children in the USA.

In a letter to The Washington Post on April 11, former Pope Benedict wrote, “Why did pedophilia reach such proportions? Ultimately, the reason is the absence of God.” One only has to look at the main employer of pedophiles to see where God isn’t. Why should a pedophile be able to tell a woman that she can’t have an abortion?

I would invite people to go to this website to find out how pro-life the Catholic Church and Christians actually are: Nowhere in the Bible does any prophet or any apostle ever advocate government of the people, by the people and for the people, nor do any of them ever decry its absence. Only a true American antichrist would give women freedom over their own bodies.

Before any religion or political party, I am an American. I am for the born.

Rev. Hank Shiver, Mission

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