Don’t put faith in border wall

Has America really bought in to the blinding lies of this U.S. president that the border wall will stop illegal immigration or drugs coming into this country illegally? Does the American public really think this stupid waste of American taxpayers’ money will stop all this from crossing through our southern border?

If Americans are believe that a border wall would stop all of that from coming into this country illegally, then why not built one to cover our Pacific and Atlantic coasts? Because I have yet to hear that the Border Patrol made an arrest of Asians or Arabs crossing the southern border.

This border wall not only will be a complete waste of American taxpayers’ money, but it will be a complete eyesore for all of us living near the southern border.

Jesus Rodriguez, Elsa


Hidden expenses

Thanks to The Monitor for printing Mr. Raul Alessandri’s factual and sobering reality of what free stuff costs in today’s world (April 12). To promote the “why not everything free for everybody?” is infantile thinking that erodes the stability of democracies throughout the world.

“Everything free” mentalities cause the collapse of democracy. Look at fallen communist countries’ history and Venezuela’s present misery.

When we’re demanding free stuff, we are robbing our brothers and sisters who work hard and still live in poverty to fund those demands.

Imelda Coronado, Mission


Columnist criticized

Again The Monitor unleashes its very confusing conservative, I think, Ruben Navarrette, to praise the candidacy of one of the latecomers to the Democratic fray for the presidential nomination.

Is this commentary praise for Mr. Pete Buttigieg? I think not. Writing phrases such as “manufactured Beto-mania” and “candidate formerly known as Robert Francis O’Rourke,” Mr. Navarrette gives away his true intent by, given today’s biases, promoting the only candidate who could not get elected if he volunteered to personally pay off the national debt.

So far to the left he makes Bernie look like George Bush and without a position on any major issue, let alone foreign policy, he is the wild card.

Mr. Navarrette has designated to undermine Beto O’Rourke. Why? Because he has not been vetted in any way other than a local election.

Come on Mr. Navarrette, let’s give it a little time so we can find out what he proposes. Let some of his military luster and linguistic skills gain a little real world tarnish; then you can call him “something different.”

Ned Sheats, Mission


Let’s just move on

The Mueller findings on President Donald Trump: No evidence of obstruction of justice, evidence of obstruction!

To say that President Trump and his administration “is mildly out of order” is just being too kind!

But, please, let’s just move on!

In 2020, we go vote in the presidential elections, and then and only then will our voices be heard!

Mary Martinez, McAllen


Newspaper informs us

I’m working to be more grateful for the many good things and blessings in my life.

A good cup of coffee in the morning falls into the former category, along with reading the daily paper. One recent day the reading was especially good.

I learned of the terrible accident suffered by a young Valley athlete at the regional track meet, and of the very grateful veteran whose family will get a new, mortgage-free home, thanks to generous donors including H-E-B. I went shopping there today and love to patronize this terrific business.

The purpose of this note is to broadcast the sometimes obscure yet obvious fact that were it not for the daily newspaper, important stories like these would be scarcely known by the general population.

I’m glad to have a subscription to The Monitor and hope you will publish more stories like these; I know it’s expensive to do investigative reporting, but no one else can so effectively shine the light on public officials who prefer to carry on their shady affairs in complete hiding.

Robert Ramirez, McAllen

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