Can I sue my employer in Texas?

Texas employers are not required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Therefore, if an employee suffers an injury on the job, then the worker has a right to file a lawsuit against the employer to get fair payment for his injuries. There are additional situations where the company you work for could be liable for damages.
Employees have the right to sue employers who cause direct and intentional harm. In these cases, the employee must show that the employer meant to hurt the worker on purpose. For example, an employer physically assaults a worker, or pushes the employee off a loading dock.
If a worker is injured by a defective tool or other equipment in the workplace, then that worker can file a lawsuit against the employer and/or the manufacturer of the tool or machinery that caused the harm. The company and the manufacturer could both be liable if the risks of using the equipment were not minimized, or if the equipment failed to work properly, or if employees were not properly trained or given adequate warning about the possibility of injury.
Workers who handle dangerous chemicals or toxic substances may be at risk of developing severe medical conditions. Exposure to substances such as asbestos and mold in the workplace can result in illness, and these situations have formed the basis of previous toxic tort
Toxic injuries can result immediately. For example, being splashed with caustic substances can cause a chemical burn or eye injury. Other situations (such as the asbestos problem described above) can take years of exposure before symptoms like cancer will appear. Workers have a right to sue an employer who was aware of the potential side effects of toxic exposure, and they can sue the manufacturer or distributor of the harmful product.
Lastly, employees can be allowed to name multiple parties in a personal injury lawsuit. However, the worker has to show that each party played a role in the injury.
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