It’s a boy: Zoo holds gender reveal event for baby gorilla

Mbundi grabbed the piñata off of a rope and pulled it to the ground and took a bite out of it before reaching in and pulling out a handful of blue paper, to the enjoyment of dozens of people who eagerly waited the moment signifying the gender of the zoo’s newest resident, a 10-day-old baby gorilla.

And Mbundi revealed to the world upon discovering the blue paper that the zoo’s newest resident is a yet-to-be named boy.

Margaret, the baby’s mother, gave birth to it on Cinco de Mayo.

Staff at the zoo also revealed during the event that another gorilla is pregnant and expected to give birth soon.

Walter Dupree, mammal curator at the zoo, said Rio Grande Valley residents should be excited for the new baby and the baby on the way because female gorillas will only give birth three to four times throughout their lifetimes.

“That’s what is so exciting about this,” Dupree said.