Weslaco teen under arrest after allegedly taking guns to school

A Weslaco East High School student was arrested Monday after two firearms were found in his vehicle.

The student, identified in a KRGV Somos El Valle report as 19-year-old Samuel Solanzo, allegedly had an AR-15 rifle and a shotgun — both unloaded — in the trunk of his vehicle.

According to a statement released by Weslaco ISD, school officials learned of the weapons after receiving a tip.

“Campus administration acted immediately with the assistance of the Weslaco ISD Resource Officer who, is also a member of the City of Weslaco Police Department,” the statement read.

Authorities also found ammunition in the vehicle, according to the statement.

The school district stressed that Solanzo had not made any threats against students or staff, and that he was cooperative with police.

While open carry of handguns became legal in Texas in January 2016, the open carry of long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, has always been lawful in the state. Federal law, however, prohibits people from carrying guns near schools, a fact reiterated in the school district’s statement.

“With very limited exception, it is against the law to possess a firearm within a 1,000 feet of school property,” the statement read.