Bravo show ‘Texicanas’ features San Antonio socialites with Valley roots

Bravo premiered ‘Texicanas,’ a new San Antonio-based reality show, Tuesday featuring three Latinas from the Rio Grande Valley. The hour-long, “Real Housewives” styled show focuses on the drama of six friends navigating the well-to-do social scene of the city.

Lorena Martinez was born in McAllen and raised in Reynosa and Karla Ramirez was born and raised in Brownsville.

“Growing up in a border town, the Mexican culture is very fluid between the United States and Mexico,” she said in the show. “And because of that, everybody speaks Spanish.

“Basically, it’s like living in Mexico.”

Penny Ayarzagoitia, from Weslaco, narrates the eight-episode series.

Growing up, she traveled between Mexico and the United States for her father’s job, she said during her introduction. 

“In Mexico, I would get crap for not speaking the language correctly,” she said. “And then in the U.S., I would speak with a Mexican accent. So I could never please both worlds 100%.”

The first episode sees the women socializing during a Cinco de Mayo party, where “it looks like Mexico throw up in here,” said Ayarzagoitia of the elaborate decorations. They specify that Mexicans don’t celebrate the holiday, but relish any opportunity to party.