Mission CISD seeking recommendations for naming of high school softball facility

The Mission school district is considering the naming of the softball facilities located at Mission High School and is asking for recommendations from the public.

Name recommendations and reasoning should be mailed to Mission CISD, Craig Verley, Public Relations Department, 1201 Bryce Drive, Mission, Texas 78572, no later than May 20.

Recommendations received from the community will be reviewed, scored and ranked by a naming committee that will be responsible for making a final recommendation to the Mission CISD Board of Trustees.

The criteria set in a board policy regarding the naming of facilities indicate the person or group to be honored includes the following:

>> Have made a significant contribution to the district;

>> Not be a current board member of the district;

>> Not be a current employee of the district;

>> If a former Board member or school employee, must have left the board or employment with the district at least three years prior to the year in which a facility will be named

>> Represents exemplary qualities that can serve as a model of excellence for the students who shall use the facility

>> Have served in positions of leadership and service worthy of commemorating;

>> Be considered on an equal basis whether living or deceased.