Brownsville campaign signs defaced: Anti-Semitic symbolism targets Jewish candidate

Campaign signs for Nurith Galonsky, a candidate for the Brownsville City Commission District, were defaced over the weekend with swastikas.

The signs were located in the lot across from the Brownsville Public Library on Central Boulevard. Galonsky is the only Jewish candidate in the current election, and her signs were the only ones defaced with the Nazi symbol. German dictator Adolph Hitler demonized Jews as subhuman, and some 6 million European Jews were murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

Galonsky, a Brownsville native, filed a police report in response to the vandalism incident, which came mere hours after a synagogue shooting that claimed one life — a 60-year-old woman — in the suburb of Poway, Calif., near San Diego, on the last day of Passover.

Galonsky said she chose to speak to the media about the defacement of her campaign signs “not as a victim but because I’m hoping to create awareness.”

“Yes, there is discrimination in Brownsville,” she said. “Attributing these actions to ignorant young people minimizes the gravity of these actions. It is too much of a coincidence that only my signs were vandalized and the markings were clearly anti-Semitic. As a community, we should have zero tolerance for this type of conduct.”

If the vandalism was, in fact, politically motivated and committed by an adult, “that’s crossing the line,” Galonsky said.

“We need to investigate it and address it,” she said. “It’s not proper conduct on any level.”