Lawsuit seeks to recover assets from former Tamaulipas Governor

BROWNSVILLE — A law firm specializing in international fraud and asset recovery has filed a lawsuit seeking to seize properties that former Tamaulipas Gov. Tomas Yarrington allegedly purchased with stolen public money and auction them off to return the proceeds to the Mexican state.

The New York- and Washington D.C.-based Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss PLLC says in a press release that it filed the legal action to recover the proceeds of corruption and bribery.

Yarrington, who is also a former Matamoros mayor, is facing criminal allegations spanning two decades in U.S. federal court, including drug trafficking, racketeering, bank fraud and money laundering.

Authorities extradited Yarrington to the United States from Italy a little more than one year ago to face charges levied in a 53-page, 11-count indictment.

The firm says that current Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca is leading an effort to recover the alleged stolen assets and has been assisted by the law firm of García Alcocer y Asociados, S.C. and consulting firm Accuracy Legal and Consulting.

Lead lawyer Adam Kaufman said the people of Tamaulipas did not deserve to be stolen from and are the victims of corruption.

“The new government of Tamaulipas is committed to taking all measures to stamp out corruption and return the proceeds of corruption to the people from whom they have been stolen,” Kaufmann said in a press release. “There are many ways that the United States courts can be used in a proactive way to trace and seize ill-gotten assets.”

The litigation seeks a judgment that properties in South Texas allegedly purchased with stolen public funds be restore to Tamaulipas and then auction them off and return the proceeds to the Treasury of Tamaulipas.

Yarrington is scheduled for a jury trial on Jan. 14, 2020.