LETTER: Does God want this?

Woe to those called out for past indiscretions, i.e., Justice Bret Kavanaugh and President Clinton. Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam was revealed for a breach of the racist implication of “blackface” years before. Both are discussions worth having on several levels.

CBN’s David Brody asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about Trump. She responded: “I think he (God) wanted Donald Trump to become president. …”

Many evangelicals say, “God raised the president up and forgiveness. So do I.” OK, God raises up! But for what purpose — to promote the falsehood of birtherism, cheat on three wives, not pay contractors, the Trump University scams and lying daily about more than crowd size?

Evangelical theologian Ekemini Uwan observes: “… distinction between God’s sovereignty andGod’s approval. That is, what God allows to happen is not the same thing as what God wants to happen.”

Overlooked or ignored by Trump’s religious base are biblical consequences for abusing such honors. What of contrition, a component of forgiveness? The wrongdoer has an obligation, over a protracted period of time, to demonstrate a meaningful change of heart?

Has Trump been contrite about anything, acknowledged any wrongdoing or apologized to anyone? He just distorted the testimony of his top security advisers before Congress concerning their risk assessment about our southern border, Iran and North Korea!

An exasperated Ricky commanded: “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!” Indeed, the American nation deserves better than a reprobate president wanting to be the entire show, instead of a heartfelt constitutional participant!

Barry Zavah, Alpine, Texas

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