LETTERS: Night flights are a nuisance; Not speaking for everyone; A voice of experience

Night flights are a nuisance

What a wonderful morning it was when I opened The Monitor and saw what may be good news for thousands of people living to the northwest and southeast of McAllen. Finally, airports in Harlingen and Brownsville are beginning to take up the slack for overloaded McAllen Miller.

Surely McAllen Miller must be overloaded; why else would it be increasing its after midnight flights, awakening residents in a half-mile wide swath from Palmhurst to Pharr?

I hope Mid-Valley and Edinburg will soon power up and help move all of the late-night heavier freight flights to airports where nearly 100 percent of their landing and take off patterns are not over residential areas. Then maybe McAllen Miller could also move deadhead flights to the previous day.

Remember, McAllen, you brought this on yourself by turning down a free regional airport in the 1950s. Thanks, Harlingen and Brownsville, the sleepless in Mission appreciate your help.

Ned Sheats, Mission


Not speaking for everyone

All of those officials who “oppose Trump’s declaration” do not speak for me or for millions of U.S. citizens.

Trump was elected by the majority of electoral votes and he promised to build a border wall. We don’t like walls but when this country has corrupt officials in Congress who do not want to enforce immigration laws then it becomes necessary to build a wall.

Violence has spilled over from Mexico to the southern border due to drug deals gone bad or drug dealers betraying their bosses. Too many drugs come across our border making it dangerous for youth in our cities and the rampant use by adults, some in high government positions.

There is a swamp all right, and we want to clean it up. We have had enough and if it means declaring a national emergency to do it, then let it be done.

M.C. Garcia, Brownsville


A voice of experience

I want to share how a person of advanced age is navigating the challenges present in all levels of our society.

At the age of 78, I had the opportunity to travel four times to Ajijic, Jalisco, within the last year. It is a magnificent place, with excellent weather and a lot of art. Situated between the Lago de Chapala to the south and the Sierra de San Juan Cosala to the north, it offers a great cultural atmosphere where one can meet people not only from the USA but from Germany, Canada and other places. To view the USA from the outside is good.

We can see that Mexico, like the USA, has the same economic model: capitalism. However, Mexico is not imperialist and I can see and feel the difference.

In the USA, we face many challenges at present. I will concentrate on the border wall, immigration and militarization of the Rio Grande Delta region.

The issue of immigrants can be solved, or reduced, if people are not displaced. All we have to do is look at our country’s military and covert interventions in many of the countries from which migrants are currently fleeing. A wall is not the answer.

Border walls and barriers are weapons to promote racism instead of alleviating the inequality that creates economic migrants in the first place. My suggestion is to get involved with your elected officials and express your positions to protect the immigrants, especially the children. Question and follow the money: Which corporations are benefiting by building the wall and housing the immigrants? Militarization is a business in which a few corporations make profits and the community is exposed to less security.

My other approach is to avoid following only the mainstream media for information. Remember, they’re corporations to make profits. Check with alternative media. Look around and verify facts.

Finally, the month of March celebrates International Women’s Day and I want you to enjoy it and, if you want to review the issue, see the movie On The Basis of Sex. The 2018 film, which profiles the extraordinary life and career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, verifies the work involved by others to enjoy more rights for women right here in the USA.

Follow the American Civil Liberties Union, which is engaged in litigation to preserve our free speech rights here in Texas. Our right to free speech or to boycott is being challenged and we need to protect it.

Remember, no race has a monopoly on beauty, intelligence or strength. There is room for everyone. My solidarity and our security is more guaranteed when we respect others and promote justice. War and interventions creates the opposite.

Yolanda Garza Birdwell, Laguna Vista

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