Man pleads guilty to smuggling $800,000 in cash

McALLEN — A Brownsville man agreed Monday to plead guilty to federal cash smuggling charges during a re-arraignment hearing, court records show.

U.S. District Judge Randy Crane accepted Reynaldo Del Castillo’s guilty plea of one count of bulk cash smuggling into or out of the U.S. The plea is related to his involvement in the movement of nearly $800,000 from the U.S. into Mexico in April 2016, documents show.


Del Castillo was indicted on the bulk cash charge Sept. 25, 2018 and arrested just a few months later in December.

The indictment states that on April 27, 2016, Del Castillo knowingly concealed $762,870.00 and attempted to transport that currency from the United States to Mexico.

Juan Jose Serna was also indicted along with Del Castillo on the same charge.

Serna, who is scheduled for a final pretrial hearing March 29, is accused of concealing and transporting $134,390 in U.S. currency Jan. 26, 2016 from somewhere within the Southern District of Texas into Mexico.

Del Castillo will now avoid a trial by jury that was originally scheduled for early April, with jury selection set for April 2, court notes show.

It is common for cash proceeds of illicit funds, like from the sale of drugs, to be transported back to the distributors of said drugs in Mexico.

Del Castillo’s next appearance before Judge Crane has not yet been made public, according to federal court records.