LETTER: Who’s to blame for arms race

I was really amazed to see the LA Times-sourced news in The Monitor stating that “Putin edges closer to renewed arms race.” The last time I checked it took two to run a race.

Let’s ask a question: How many missile bases does Russia have in our backyard, the Western Hemisphere? As far as I can find out (unless you count submarines), it’s a big fat zero.

How many bases (also not counting subs) do we and NATO have in the Eastern hemisphere, his backyard? The answer is dozens.

Additionally, who has been going out of his way to antagonize nuclear-capable countries? Can we say Trump? Who wants massive increases in military spending? Trump! Who recently pulled out of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia? Trump!

Be afraid, folks.

In my opinion, the unqualified, reactionary, egotistical person in the White House will do anything to be involved in a war, even with Venezuela, or have us on the brink of one in time for the 2020 election. He learned well from George W. Bush.

Ned Sheats, Mission

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