LETTER: Seek God’s forgiveness

Recently, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam ignited a firestorm after attempting to describe how a living baby could legally be disposed of if the mother decided that she didn’t want to keep the child. In an incredibly sick, evil, twisted way, the governor described how an innocent, defenseless, precious baby would be “kept comfortable” while the mother and doctor decided what to do with it.

Tragically, the Democratic Party appears to be defending what is happening in Virginia and New York. The question has to be asked: What kind of people have we become?

Americans have a history of depending on God for direction during difficult times. The Pilgrims asked for God’s help when they first landed on this continent. George Washington and the rest of our Founding Fathers sought God’s assistance as they battled the most powerful country on the entire earth. Abraham Lincoln sought God’s help and direction as he navigated the United States through a horrible civil war. In the 20th century we experienced two horrendous world wars. I’m absolutely sure that millions of Americans asked God for protection and victory over the enemy across the Atlantic.

What has happened to us as a people? A people who once respected and honored God have now devolved into a generation that sees nothing wrong with killing a precious, innocent, living baby boy or girl.

Who’s next? The elderly will certainly be as disposable as these innocent babies. Their health care expenses will be seen as a drain on our economy.

What kind of people have we become? What has happened to the Democratic Party?

It’s time for God-fearing Democrats to take their party back from the radicals who have taken control or change their political affiliation.

We need to ask God for His forgiveness before we ask Him to bless America.

Juan Vega Vega Roofing Inc., McAllen

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