LETTER: What’s going on in legal system?

I would like to ask knowledgeable readers of The Monitor for answers to the question: What is wrong with our Rio Grande Valley court system and judiciary?

A recent front page carried yet another story about a sentencing that is being delayed, this one for the seventh time. Add to that the inability to decide in a timely manner whether or not to allow a prosecution-requested change of venue so the state can get a fair trial.

Also, don’t forget to include the lenient sentences handed down to politicians convicted of drunk driving and money laundering.

Cap this all off with at least one judge who doesn’t understand that having a close friend as a defendant before him morally demands he recuse himself.

Considering all this and more, don’t we, the public, have every right to question the fairness and legality of our local court system?

Ned Sheats, Mission

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