LETTER: Voter data questioned

Let me see if I got this right. If I live in one city and choose to vote in another city, that’s OK? Perfectly legal?

OK, so then if I and a group of friends, who do not reside in McAllen’s District 4, choose to vote for Joe Anthony Califa in District 4, it would be legally acceptable and perfectly all right with Tania Ramirez? So then why have districts and precincts?

Why have cities? Why have counties? For that matter, why worry about state boundaries when it comes to voting?

The Monitor’s article dated Feb. 26 by Molly Smith indicated that among the documents Victor de León emailed McAllen’s city secretary was Ramirez’s online voter registration information, which lists her registration status as “active” and tied to a Mission address, and her voting history, which revealed she had voted in the May 5, 2018, Mission municipal election and the June 5, 2018, Mission runoff, and at Mission City Hall in the November 2018 general election. She did not vote in the September 2018 McAllen school district tax ratification election, according to elections department information.

The same article also noted that “Ramirez did not deny that she had voted in Mission’s elections but maintained she has lived in south McAllen for the past 22 months.” Can someone explain how this does not violate election laws?

Again, how can Ms. Ramirez have it both ways, she lived in one place but voted in another.

This is not an attack on Ramirez, but simply a search for the answer to the question that no one seems to want to answer.

Edmundo Garcia, McAllen

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