Cameron County publishes notice of SpaceX testing

Cameron County has posted public notice that it will close Highway 4 to Boca Chica Beach for space flight activities from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday.

In the alternative, the public notice said Highway 4 to Boca Chica Beach will be closed for the same time duration on either Thursday or Friday.

The notice comes after Cameron County Commissioners Court last week voted to give Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. the power to close the area for space flight activities.

SpaceX has confirmed that it will be conducting non-public testing of the Starship Hopper prototype’s newly installed ground systems and will perform a short static fire test.

SpaceX: “Although the prototype is designed to perform sub-orbital flights, or hops, powered by the SpaceX Raptor engine, the vehicle will be tethered during initial testing and hops will not be visible from offsite.”