Judge says no to bail; Court records reveal more info about alleged hit

A Brownsville judge on Thursday again denied a Rio Grande Valley man’s request for a bail reduction in a murder case that authorities say is tied to the cartel.

Janeys Martinez Sol, 47, of Weslaco, has been denied three times now after being charged with capital murder by terror threat, murder, two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity and directing the activities of a street gang.

Authorities argue Sol, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, poses a flight risk.

According to the indictment against Sol, he employed a man named “Fernando Martinez and/or a person whose true name and identity is not known to the Grand Jury but is also known as Cacariko, to murder the complainant.”

The victim, Henry Jorge Gonzalez, 35, of Mission, was shot to death, according to the indictment.

Sol is accused of causing his death on or about June 7, 2018.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said authorities are looking for three more people in connection to the case, including an individual named Christopher Rodriguez, who is believed to be in Mexico.

“They are working to get him back,” Lucio said. “But we do have a warrant for one of them. They know his name. They know where he may be right now and the others, they don’t.”

The indictment alleges that Sol ordered the killing because Gonzalez owed money to him for a work or service, but the charging document does not indicate what that work or service is.

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Department, with the assistance of a Border Patrol K9 unit, discovered Gonzalez’s body in a grave off of FM 2520 outside of San Benito.

Investigators identified Gonzalez from his tattoos, clothing and a description provided in a missing persons report.

When the victim’s body was discovered on June 15, 2018, Lucio said investigators believed Gonzalez had been dead for eight to 10 days before he was found.

The investigation lead to Sol, who, according to the indictment, is a member of a criminal street gang in a leadership role.

Sol has remained in the Cameron County Carrizales-Rucker Detention Center since his arrest on $6 million in bail on the charges.

In a third attempt to reduce his bond, his attorneys, Aaron Galvan and Myles Garza, argued that Sol must be released on a personal bond or have his bail reduced because the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office is not ready for trial.

Sol has been incarcerated for more than 250 days.

The DA’s Office objected to the bail reduction, citing cartel ties to the case and because Sol is from Cuba.

“Your bond reduction request is denied,” said 103rd state District Judge Janet Leal.

Galvan also raised an issue about Sol, whose eyes are apparently deteriorating, not being allowed to travel from the jail to a doctor for an appointment.

Leal told Galvan that since Sol is a flight risk, she will not order the sheriff’s department to transport Sol to a doctor, but would sign an order allowing a doctor to visit the jail and see Sol.

Leal, who will not be available for a trial later this year, appointed Judge Leonel Alejandro to oversee the case.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May 17.