LETTER: Save NPR in the RGV

Editor: We are surprised and saddened by the lack of concern in the Rio Grande Valley about the imminent loss of NPR News on local radio.

On Feb. 12, Immaculate Heart Media, an organization that syndicates Catholic- oriented radio programming, purchased the two FM stations that comprise Rio Grande Public Radio.

Pending FCC approval of the sale (which is expected), the new owners will take over in May or June. This is a done deal. Complaining about the diocese is a waste of time and effort. People who want NPR on local radio in the Valley need to build something new.

Spark News, a national blog that covers news, trends and issues on public radio, has been reporting on the situation.

We will provide pro bono advice to any person or organization that seriously seeks to build a new NPR station. If you have any questions or comments you can email us at publicradio@hotmail.com.

What is needed now is a community campaign to Save NPR in the Valley. The purpose of the campaign is to create awareness of the situation and form a nonprofit entity that will raise money to Save NPR in the Valley and plan for new station.

Community leaders who want to Save NPR in the Valley should step forward now. We know of ways that a new NPR station can be established quickly. But this will take leadership.

So far, there appears to be little serious interest in saving NPR in the Valley. Does this lack of enthusiasm reflect the true spirit of the residents of the Rio Grande Valley? We hope not.

Ken Mills, Spark News publicradio@hotmail. com Minneapolis, Minn.

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