Sullivan City candidates to run unopposed

Changes to the Sullivan City council have already been set, months before the city’s elections in May.

Adriana Rodriguez, councilmember for place 4 and also mayor pro-tem, will cruise to re-election because no candidate filed to challenge her.

The race for place 2 has also been decided because Councilmember Daniel Flores declined to run for re-election, paving the way for Julian Peña, the only person who filed to run for the position, to assume the role.

Pena’s automatic win comes after he launched an unsuccessful bid last May to represent Sullivan City on the Agua Special Utility District’s board of directors.

Peña lost that race to the incumbent Ivan Sandoval.

The only item on the ballot in which Sullivan City voters actually have a choice is a proposition to dissolve the city’s economic development corporation and create a municipal development district in its place.

Additionally, the proposition would also re-direct the half-cent sales tax from the EDC to the MDD. The total sales tax imposed within the city will remain the same.

The purpose of both an EDC and an MDD is to foster economic growth within a city, though one major difference is that an MDD can impose sales tax in its extra-territorial jurisdiction.

However, Ramon Segovia, a consultant for the city who oversaw a similar transition within the city of Palmview, said Sullivan would not be opting to tax its ETJ.

An MDD would also allow funds to be used for projects that are not strictly for economic development purposes, such as lighting for main thoroughfares, construction of parks and restrooms.

Election Day is Saturday, May 4.