LETTER: Congressman given credit

Thank you, U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela, for creating a wonderfully informative start to Black History Month in Brownsville.

Three events marked the day.

A discussion with members of the Congressional Black Caucus on voter suppression since the Voting Act expired; a narrative on the dismissal of more than 100 black soldiers from the service after the Brownsville Raid; and, a celebration of local black men and women.

How wonderful that Vela has become a progressive member of Congress, and is highly respected by other congressional progressives.

His efforts to reduce racial barriers and create more respect for diversity deserve commendation.

By the way, Dr. Tony Zavaleta’s presentation on the Brownsville Raid was beautifully and passionately delivered.

What an educational day for deep South Texas it was.

Eugene “Gene’ Novogrodsky, Brownsvillle

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