Discovery at issue in Dr. Zamora-Quezada case

McALLEN — A trial date for Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada, the rheumatologist accused of healthcare fraud, has yet to be worked out. However, a hard deadline was set for government prosecutors to turn over information to the defense attorneys.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa instructed the attorneys for the government to turn over information requested by the defense attorneys that hadn’t already been disclosed in discovery.

The doctor — along with his wife, Meisy Zamora, and two of their employees — is accused of misdiagnosing patients in order to defraud health insurers.

The money made from the scheme, according to the government, was funneled to bank accounts in Mexico and used for purchases in order to conceal their source.

Meisy Zamora was also accused of participating in the “alteration and manufacture” of medical records, according to court documents.

Christopher Sully, her defense attorney, requested that prosecutors identify which specific documents are alleged to be fraudulent and whether those documents were alleged to be completely fabricated or just altered.

He also requested that prosecutors identify which specific transactions constituted money laundering and that they provide a list of patients that would appear at trial along with information on whether those patients were alleging they were misdiagnosed, over-treated, or otherwise harmed by the doctor.

Also requested were transcripts of the witness testimony made before the grand jury.

The prosecutors appeared hesitant regarding identifying particular documents and transactions but Judge Hinojosa said he believed the defense was entitled to know the specifics of the government’s allegations.

Hinojosa set a status hearing for May 3 at which time, the attorneys are expected to have a better idea of when they would be prepared and available to go to trial.