New Beginnings: Salinas, Edinburg High entering uncharted territory

EDINBURG — Though they share the same last name and are unrelated, Alyssa Jade Salinas and Brianna Salinas have had a sisterly bond that has lasted for most of their lives.

Alyssa and Brianna’s friendship dates back to when they met in elementary school.

“When they were in elementary, they met in the same kindergarten classroom at Canterbury,” Brianna’s dad and EHS coach J.D. Salinas said. “They’ve been really close friends since then through first grade and second grade up to middle school.”

“We (Alyssa and the family) moved to another part of Edinburg for middle school,” Alyssa’s mom Esmeralda Salinas said. “They were in separate schools, but they always kept in touch over the years.”


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