LETTER: My experience protesting Trump

Here’s whom I met protesting Trump: A shy, elegant, intelligent woman who said she was there “for the butterflies.” She apologized for not speaking English, said she runs through the butterfly conservancy and it’s a crime for a wall there, that her husband was worried about her protesting here. I commiserated that the monarchs are down to 30,000 and might go extinct.

And I met an Army veteran, member of the Last Patrol and wearing a “Vets for Beto” T-shirt and her friend, a Marine.

And many others of our Democratic coalition — the environmentalists; the civil rights and civil libertarians for all; the lady with the sign: “Dissent is patriotism.”

And lots of young people who don’t take intimidation — either from the few Latinos-for-Trump who yelled at us, “Go back to Mexico,” or from the predictable fellow who yelled at us, “Go back to your video games.” The young girls yelled at him, “Racist,” and I yelled, “Resign” and “Collusion!”

So we heard the exit view was at the rear gate of the airport, so we walked about a mile, me with a cane (and my foot is swollen), and sure enough our president who didn’t want to come here in the first place, went out there and didn’t see or hear us on his way to be coddled by captive audience Potemkin greeters.

He doesn’t want border security. We do that without boondoggle contractors.

John Garza, McAllen

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