Cameron County men linked to drug smuggling in Indiana

MARION, Ind. — Two Cameron County men face charges in connection with a cocaine smuggling ring in this northeast Indiana city.

Mario Guerra Jr., 41, of Brownsville was being held out-of-state on $10 million bond while Michael Maxey, who lives on Lazy Lake Drive in the Treasure Hills subdivision, was being held on $1 million bond, according to the Chronicle-Tribune in Marion.

In Cameron County, Michael Maxey is tied to Lazy Lake Investments LLC and Makeko Corp. in Olmito, according to

In 2016, Michael Maxey was granted a permit to operate 87 eight-liner machines in Willacy County.

The men were charged after authorities seized five kilograms of cocaine valued at $180,000, money and firearms during raids on two Marion homes Jan. 6.

“As far as I’m aware, that’s the most cocaine that’s ever been seized in Grant County,” Detective Sgt. Josh Zigler, director of the Joint Effort Against Narcotics Team here.

“Basically, the Texas individuals were responsible for getting the cocaine and the money to and from Marion and Montemayor was involved in the distribution locally,” Zigler said.

Keith Maxey, 37, of Bowie, Texas, and Roberto Montemayor Jr., 35, of Marion were also being held on $1 million bail in the Grant County Jail.

Michael and Keith Maxey and Montemayor Jr. face charges of money laundering, corrupt business influence and other charges.

“The way money is normally laundered is it’s run through a business that appears to be a legitimate business and then the money is taken out on the other side,” Zigler said.

Courtney Daggett, 31, of Marion, who was charged with maintaining a nuisance, bonded out of the Grant County Jail on Monday.

Zigler indicated more arrests and charges are coming.

The arrests stem from an investigation launched in 2018 into a smuggling ring accused of running cocaine from Mexico to Marion.