LETTER: Congrats … sorta

Congratulations to The Monitor! Why? Because with their Friday news coverage of Mr. Trump’s visit and the attendant Opinion page; they, in my opinion, completed their swing to the center of the political spectrum.

News coverage such as “Former FEMA boss says border situation is not an emergency” and “Landowners who may be affected wall react to visit,” reflect balanced news. Commentaries such as “President’s foreign policy-making mess is the real security crisis,” “The US doesn’t have a border crisis. It has a Trump-sized crisis of democracy,” and “On the border, Trump has walled himself off from reality,” provide substantiation of our current situation from both sides of the country.

As an Independent voter, I ask the Republicans to remember that the only reason we have who we do in the White House is the 18th century authorization of the Electoral College. This now thoroughly gerrymandered constitutional concession to rural minorities has resulted in Republican presidents who could not win on their own every time it has been used in modern times.

Thank you, The Monitor, for presenting balanced news representative of the Valley, and not just that of the Republican minority.

Ned Sheats, Mission

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