Advice: Change is part of life

There were things in my 30s I wished I had or thought I needed that don’t matter to me now.

Because we evolve as people, what may have been important to me in the past may not be important to me now. We don’t notice the changes because we are living our life focused on our day-to-day responsibilities. Change, however, is good. It means you are alive and not stagnant.

Don Miguel Ruizm, author of “The Four Agreements,” said, “This is the main problem of humanity — that we resist the transformation. We don’t want to let go.”

I let go of so many things that at one point in my life I thought I wouldn’t be able to.

Losing my mother was one of the most difficult times in my life. Once I survived that pain, I realized I am stronger than I thought.

Even happy memories have a place in life, because they can’t be recreated. Once you experience them, you must store them in a special place.

We just have to accept that life is about change, which we don’t think about when we are children. Life seems to move slowly and feels everlasting when we are young.

A death, a divorce, a health diagnosis can bring major changes.

It’s important that you grieve when sad things happen to you, but that you also understand that life is about constant transformations.

Your attitude will determine the kind of life you lead. If you see everything that happens to you as a problem and spend your life lamenting the challenges you face, you will always be unhappy.

It’s like a fish swimming against the current, instead of downstream. It’s exhausting.
When you accept that things will happen to you and that these situations are part of being human, you realize you are not alone. That there are millions of people dealing with the same issues you are.

Change, whether it’s good or bad, brings challenges. You might be excited about your new job, but also worried that you won’t be able to do it.

If you see everything that happens to you as a crisis and not an opportunity, you will miss out on the experience.

You will be knocked down a few times by life’s challenges, but you must always get back on your feet and keep going.

Every moment matters. Savor your life and the lessons you will learn from experiences.

Maria Luisa Salcines is a freelance writer and certified parent coach with The International Network for Children and Families in Redirecting Children’s Behavior and Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom. Follow her on Twitter at @PowerOfFamily or on Instagram at @mlsalcines. You can also contact her on her blog,