LETTER: Some thoughts on the MPO merger

After reading Thursday’s, Dec. 20, 2018 Monitor editorial, “Spinning wheels,” I feel apprehensive about any MPO mergers. Our HCMPO needs to start “thinking there is no box” and bring “there is no box innovation” limitations here to Hidalgo County. The HCMPO needs to fulfill projects already initiated but never reached fulfillment.

Hidalgo County has both positive and negative qualities which are in conflict. If citizens work to make Hidalgo County attractive to visitors, make living here more appealing to new and existing employers who can offer new jobs and better job opportunities for those residents already paying taxes here.

Bicycle paths appeal to many living and will attack new riders (hopefully they would be new residents, too); however, every time I am facing with traffic the I-2 East and 281 North, I think how not much has not changed in traffic flow at such a major interchange in the 12-and-a-half years I have lived in the Valley.

Now, if it sounds like I am being critical of the HCMPO, I believe that I can be, to some degree, as I served the MPO-CAC for many years as a volunteer at their invitation to service. After the dedication of the Anzalduas International Bridge, I read a news story that city of Mission was hustling to renew a federal permit for an international rail bridge crossing the river to state of Tamaulipas, México.

Other past HCMPO-CAC members might share insight about this organization, as well as offer merger thoughts plus experience bicycle project, sidewalk projects, transportation infrastructures, etc.

Francis M. Ciancarelli, Mission

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