LETTER: Let’s reach the national average

For the last week or more, I have been greeted each morning by the smiling faces of every member of almost every school board of trustees or other school district governing body. All of these happy people are tooting their own horns and engaging in self congratulations of a blatant self-aggrandizing description.

They should be recognized for their community involvement, but I question if they should be congratulated for, as in the case of Edinburg, getting an A in achievement and accountability from the TEA.

This rating is a factual exaggeration for which we are being asked to pay for full page color advertisements. This rating leads us to believe our schools are doing their job. They aren’t!

Considering that Texas schools finished number 43, yes seventh from the bottom in the 2018 National SAT tests, should we be congratulating efforts that only result in some schools being the best of the worst or should we demand that they all reach at least the national average.

Your call, it’s your tax money.

Ned Sheats, Mission

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