Judge grants temporary injunction barring Alamo chief’s firing

Alamo Police Chief Baudelio Castillo stands beside a truck seized during a drug bust made by the department's new K-9 unit Aug. 22, 2018. (Joel Martinez | jmartinez@themonitor.com)

A state district court judge granted a temporary injunction Friday afternoon, momentarily prohibiting the Alamo City Commission from firing Alamo Police Chief Baudelio Castillo.

On Wednesday, a hearing on Castillo’s temporary restraining order was held before 305th state District Judge Noe Gonzalez, who granted an injunction Friday after hearing testimony.

The Alamo City Commission’s agenda last month included an item to consider and take action “regarding the designating, appointment and/or removal of the chief of police.”

In response, Castillo alleged he was being retaliated against by Mayor Diana Martinez, Commissioner Robert De La Garza and City Manager Luciano Ozuna Jr. A judge granted his application for a restraining order, which prohibited the commission from firing him.

The new injunction prevents the item from being placed on another city commission agenda, until the matter is resolved at a trial.

The injunction remains in effect until March 4. A trial is scheduled for that day.

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