LETTER: Merger would kill proposed trail in Brownsville

I have been listening to the discussion about the possible merger between the Hidalgo MPO and its eastern MPOs in Harlingen and Brownsville.

I have been a member of Friends of the West Rail Trail for more than a decade, where I have worked for the creation of an 8-mile vehicle-less hike and bike jogging nature trail on the abandoned Union Pacific Railroad bed in west Brownsville.

I fear that a merger at this time would kill any hope that the trail would ever be built, while a road would!

I urge all in deep South Texas who want health, mental and physical, to improve for hundreds of thousands, now and in the future, to oppose the merger.

The Brownsville MPO has been very attentive to the Friends of the West Rail Trail.

Dare we risk that concern becoming history via the merger?

Ruth E. Wagner, Brownsville

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