LETTER: Impressed with Bush, not so much with the Gulf War

I met George H.W. Bush in Iowa when he was running for president in 1980 (he carried Iowa) and was very impressed.

Since he is three weeks older than my wife (also a WW II Navy vet), I have admired him ever since and agreed with his actions. Except one. This was when we were winning Operation Desert Storm in a walk and had Saddam Hussein’s army on the run, and let them escape (on purpose). I thought we should have destroyed them and taken over the country. His reason was that they were needed to keep Iran in tow and we had no business getting involved (even if he was cruel).

If his son, George W. Bush, had his foresight and stayed out of Iraq and let them continue to exist we probably would be better off. I do not blame his son as the whole country was behind him. I have never heard this view expressed and have never expressed it before.

James Clepper, McAllen

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