LETTERS: The beacon; Call for help

Keeping the beacon lit

Too many letter writers oppose the Central American migrant caravan’s thousands. I say welcome them and urge the United States government to quickly facilitate their passage to relatives throughout the country.

For those making asylum applications, they should be able to travel and work while their words are fairly and seriously reviewed. No jail! No detention centers! No family separation!

Again, welcome! The United States should keep its beacon lit!

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

A call for help

Politics aside, all Americans should be concentrating on uniting resources to care for California’s fire-ravaged victims and families devastated by this horrible inferno fire still impacting them. They’re Americans living out in the open with nothing left but their shattered, pained lives, while Hollywood elite are using their enormous wealth to fan the flames of divisive hate.

We need this nation as a whole, and church groups to unite and consider this, also, a true heartbreaking humanitarian crisis to help them rebuild.

These courageous and patient victims are not demanding anything, let’s help them out in every way we humanely can.

Imelda Coronado, Mission

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