LETTERS: Impeachment; Bicycle safety

No cause for impeachment

The Monitor printed the column, “Five reasons the Democrats might impeach Trump,” on Nov. 12. The author listed several reasons why the Democrats may still open impeachment hearings against President Trump. Although very lengthy, the article offered no instances of wrongdoing by the president. My only take from the whole article was that although Trump had committed no “high crimes or misdemeanors,” which would necessitate impeachment, he “will still be saying and doing things that outrage Democrats on a daily basis.”

Are you kidding! Is that all you can up with? Are you telling me that the only reason you are going after Trump is because he hurt your feelings? I suppose that makes sense. After all, the Russian probe went nowhere, and Trump didn’t cause the end of the world by nuclear war or bring other bizarre predictions into fruition.

Seems to me that after two years, the Democrats are still bitter they lost to Trump. Hey, the economy is doing great, oil is down, the Koreas seem to be heading toward peace, the horrible Iran deal was nixed, etc., etc.

Joel Ramirez, Edinburg

Bike lanes are a safety necessity

Since I started riding my bicycle to work, I noticed the dangers of being a bicyclist. Every time I am on my way to work, I realize that there are plenty of main streets that do not have a bike lane or street lights for those who ride at night. Bicyclists can have all the safety equipment they need when on the road, but the risk is still there if we are inches away from a motor vehicle.

Riding on the same street as a motor vehicle is dangerous. For example, when the drivers are approaching the bicyclist, they have to go around them or move to the next lane. This can cause an accident if the drivers are not careful. In many places, there are laws that do not allow for people to ride their bikes on the sidewalk. Even if it was allowed, there are still many main streets that do not have sidewalks.

The placement of bike lanes would definitely make the rider feel safer and more comfortable. Riding a bicycle at night increases the chances of something going wrong. The combination of no street lights or bike lanes is a terrifying experience. Accidents that occur after dark are more likely to be fatal, especially if the speed limit is high. Riding a bicycle through a section with lights is very helpful because it is easier for the drivers to notice me and makes it easier to see my surroundings.

Yorland Mendez, Mission

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