LETTERS: Fitter, happier; Fixing the economy

Fitter, happier, more productive

I been having thoughts lately that my city, McAllen, is transforming into a more recognized city but when it comes to healthcare problems like: diabetes and obesity.

It just comes to my attention that it needs to stop. I think we all have a monster inside our bodies and this monster that lives inside of us is very demanding when it comes to food cravings and unhealthy foods. And when I mean “monster,” I mean our uncontrollable stomachs.

We the people let this monster consume us by letting it do as it pleases, but we can control this monster by maintaining ourselves from eating more than we should daily. I am not saying that we need a diet in our lives, but I am saying that maintaining and checking on what we eat will benefit us in many ways.

There are two different lifestyles that people live on and that is the healthy and the unhealthy life. The healthier you are in life the more confidence you will have about yourself than others.

The unhealthy lifestyle is an uncomfortable choice that many of us had made since I had experienced that situation on my own. It was the worst feeling of my life since my body was signaling me that I had high blood pressure and bad cholesterol that could have led me to a heart attack. That’s why I choose to eat healthy because it just makes me feel confident and happier about myself.

I mean who wouldn’t want that, right?

Elian Omar Reyes, Mission

Fixing the economy without burdening taxpayers

Lately I’ve taking an interest in our nation’s standings when it comes to the national debt and budget deficit. It seems as if the country has owed way beyond our means for as long as I can remember. Politicians bring up raising taxes and doing things to help lower these expenses, but public outcry seems to always be against it.

What I’m trying to figure out is how do we fix our nation’s economy without affecting the people who pay the taxes in the first place?

As a taxpayer myself, it is not fun seeing all this money going out to taxes, but then finding out we still owe trillions of dollars to other countries and corporations. I just want to figure out if there’s a safe or specific way to help fix our nations economic situation.

Gilbert Mendez, Sebastian

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