LETTERS: Beach fee; Midterm musings

Keep the beach fee, but lower the price

I am concerned about why should people who live on the beach be required to pay a fee? According to the article “South Padre Island says public will have a say on parking fee plan,” some people live and work on the beach and they are required to pay this fee.

I think the option to pay through internet is a good idea and also, it says that people with disabilities and veterans are exempt to pay this fee, which I think is good. But, in my opinion, people who live or work on the beach should not pay, because they are going to be spending money on parking depending on how many hours they work.

I think a good solution could be that people who work or live on the beach present a valid ID with their address to be exempt from this fee. And tourists should pay because that money is going to be used for improvements on restrooms, walkovers, etc., which is a benefit for us. I know many people do not want to pay, but I think we should pay to hire more people to clean the beach and to have the benefits of those improvements, as I know on other beaches such as Santa Monica beach have a parking fee.

The solution could be that we could pay this fee but at a lower price. For example, 50 cents an hour, so they are going to be earning money and we are going to be spending less.

Melissa Miguel, Edinburg

Midterm musings and 2020 thoughts

It seems we have had the classic election where no one gets what he wants. I got lucky and broke even, but unfortunately that is not going a long way to help what ails the U.S.

What happened? First the Democrats, as usual, couldn’t decide what it was that they wanted or, even more typically, decided it was too much bother to vote; then ran their campaign on personality not platform. The Republicans, on the other hand, knew exactly what they wanted but have been so obnoxious for the last 10 years that they actually persuaded some lazy Democrats to vote and drove some Republicans to the Democrats’ side of the ballot.

Is it all water over the dam? No, certainly not. There is a lot of work to do. First we have to convince the Republicans to quit being so downright nasty and self-serving. Then we have to get the Democrats to notch up the testosterone and quit being so agreeable, but without using the Republican tactic of shutting down the government.

So what are my goals for 2020? Simple: No Trump; no new courthouse; elimination of the straight ticket vote; and another FBI home office for the RGV for all the cases to come in the future.

Ned Sheats, Mission

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