LETTERS: Can’t stand with Trump on this one

Can’t stand with Trump on this one

People born from non-American parents are granted citizenship because they were born on U.S. soil. This is known as birthright citizenship, and in the article, “Trump says birthright citizenship will end,” Oct. 31, 2018, President Trump says he plans to end birthright citizenship. He states the 14th Amendment does not protect birthright citizenship and continues by saying scholars agree with him. He plans to end birthright citizenship by using an executive order.

Concerns where shown by politicians and scholars alike. They pondered the idea of congress being able to act towards birthright citizenship, let alone Trump doing it.

Personally, I do agree with some of the issues Trump has presented on immigration. But I must stand against Trump this time. I believe birthright citizenship should not be ended. It is an opportunity for many children born here on U.S. soil. The U.S. is one of the handful of nations in the world with birthright citizenship in effect. This helps not just the kids born, but the parents as well. When the child becomes an adult, the child can petition for the parents to become residents in the country.

The 14th Amendment has been given different interpretations about whether it covers the issue of birthright citizenship. Scholars have debated it alongside political scientists. A solution to this is to bring it up to the Supreme Court, who in the past have interpreted the U.S. Constitution for solutions to issues.

Ultimately, this is an issue that soon will have to be acted upon. Because it affects the future of America.

Magdiel Galvan, Donna

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