Recount requested in close Roma school board race

The final outcome for at least one Roma school board race is yet to be decided as Ramiro Sarabia, candidate for Place 3, filed a request for a recount on Friday.

Sarabia was just 23 votes behind school board member Rey Rodriguez when the results were announced late Tuesday night, 2,847 votes to 2,824.

However, updated results provided by the school district on Friday had the candidates just 15 votes apart — Rodriguez at 2,856 votes and Sarabia with 2,841.

Rodriguez could not be reached for comment on the expected recount.

The other updated results gave Clarissa B. Alvarez, the incumbent for Position 1, 3,170 votes — an increase of 16 votes. Her opponent, Amalia Yunes, gained nine votes, putting her at 2,476.

Ricardo “Ricky” Perez, who was elected for the open Position 2 on the board, gained an additional 14 votes for a total of 3,306.

His opponent, J.M. “Chema” Garza Jr., received 12 more votes for a total of 2,359.

Though by state law, a losing candidate has until five days after the election or no later than two days following the canvass to request a recount — whichever deadline is later — Sarabia said he chose to already file the request form just in case.

Sarabia said he was told he would later be notified when the recount would take place. Luis Garza, the deputy superintendent who handled the elections for the district, could not be reached for comment.

While a recount is inevitable at this point, the final results are pending canvassing, according to Helen Escobar, coordinator of public relations for the school district.

The results were updated after the school district counted the provisional ballots, which are cast by individuals who didn’t have a valid form of ID or whose registration wasn’t showing up in the system.

For those without the proper ID, they must present one to the voter registrar within six days.

Those must be tabulated by the 11th day after Election Day, according to Sam Taylor, director of communications for the Secretary of State’s office.

The district is scheduled to canvass the votes on Thursday, Nov. 15, Escobar said.