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On decay, an opinion for an opinion

On military militants: In this country, a person may only fire a weapon in self-defense or the defense of a third innocent party. This applies to the police, the military, and the general public. Only minimum force may be used to combat a threat.

On the decay of the Democratic Party: Mr. Aguirre is only stating an opinion. The fact is that around 3 million more people voted for the Democratic candidate than the Republican candidate in the last presidential election.

Benito Saavedra, McAllen

Taking care of our own

Two recent Monitor articles highlight the sentiment of a lot of conservatives have relating to illegal immigration — that sentiment being that illegal immigration is very costly to the U.S. taxpayers.

A couple of weeks ago, The Monitor published an article and pictures of members of the caravan that is heading toward the U.S. from Mexico. One of those pictures shown is of a wheelchair-bound man without legs being pushed toward the U.S. border. The second article published Oct. 28 tells the plight of a female migrant detainee that required surgery for a hernia while under ICE detention. The article then went on to quote an ICE agent that indeed the U.S. government spends more than $250 million annually on medical treatment for ICE detainees (undocumented immigrants).

The problem that a lot of people have with these situations is that, yes, it is very costly to U.S. taxpayers to care and support people who are not even U.S. citizens. A lot of taxpayers are fed up with footing the bill for non-citizens and I think that is one of the main reasons Trump got elected into office — to curtail the seemingly endless flow of American tax money to aid non-citizens.

If the man without legs does make it to U.S. soil, you know he will most certainly require, and perhaps demand government assistance for the rest of his life (welfare and medical). The $250 million that was quoted in The Monitor would better benefit a lot of Americans — more aid to education, police and veterans’ programs, just to name a few.

It is not racist or outlandish to demand that U.S. tax dollars be spent on U.S. citizens. Enough of this. Let’s take care of our own.

Joel Ramirez, Edinburg

Trump’s ‘Twilight Zone’ surreal

Defying the 14th Amendment, President Donald Trump wanting to oust babies of non-citizens who are born in the U.S. from their constitutional right to citizenship; dispatching troops to the border to stop a caravan of undocumented immigrants coming to our country — the last two years feel like The Twilight Zone TV show, in which surreal experiences dealing with disturbing and unusual experiences were continually occurring.

More than ever, if you haven’t already voted, please, please go out and vote.

Mary Martinez, McAllen

Media should be more positive

Once again the mainstream media is falsely blaming President Donald Trump by accusing him of the criminal actions of others. Their claim is his referring to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” and claiming “fake news” by the media as inciting the recent violence.

A good-natured poke at someone who lied about her heritage for personal gain is not inciting violence. Calling the media out for their 90 percent negative reporting about him is not inciting violence.

When you have Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters telling her supporters at a rally to track down Republicans at dinner, in the grocery stores and on the streets and get in their face; that is inciting violence. When she said she would “go and take out Trump tonight,” that is inciting violence.

When Democratic Sen. Cory Booker tells his supporters to “get up in the face of some Congress people,” that is inciting violence.

When former Democratic Attorney General Eric Holder says, “When they go low, we kick them,” that is inciting violence.

When former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, referring to President Trump, said he’d like to “take him behind the gym,” that is inciting violence.

When Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office first hides and then accused of leaking “evidence” during the Kavanaugh hearing, that is inciting violence.

When Booker, who admittedly groped females in his younger days, lectures Kavanaugh about an accusation, that is inciting violence.

When Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who lied about his service in Vietnam and cried asking forgiveness, has the audacity to lecture Kavanaugh about integrity, that is inciting violence.

The mainstream media needs to be more positive about a president who has almost a 50 percent approval rating and the office he holds.

Bill Owens, Mission

Why Beto’s wrong about the national anthem

Beto O’Rourke has been arrested for DWI and for breaking into UTEP, and spent a night in jail. What is worse is him saying you don’t have to stand up for the flag or for the 1.4 million veterans buried in the United States and in numerous countries overseas. An estimated 5,000 to 8,000 veterans’ remains are still located in North Korea.

Just because Colin Kaepernick has a problem with police brutality is no reason not to stand for the flag or honor our dead.

One thing we should all have in common is respect for our dead and the flag.

I am fed up with our money-grubbing and weak-kneed NFL owners, except Jerry Jones. All they have to do is say, “Men, we’re going out to stand up for the flag and honor our dead. They’re the only reason we’re playing this game today.”

Dorrance “Otto” Hofland, San Juan

‘Prop A-ganda’ flooding us in Pharr

After traveling “Pharr” to the south of my own barrio that is inundated 365/24/7, night and day by Costco tsunamis of sound waves, floods of unwanted photons from powerful parking lot lights and unending blight, “Costco-ing” us our sleep-deprived health and adversely affecting our private property wealth, I recently attended a taxpayer-paid consultant town hall at the south Pharr library to listen to a lecture to pay “just 3 cents more” over and above what I have already paid to those who (you would suppose) already have the duty to maintain our existing Pharr drainage of stormwater runoff system in tip-top condition.

All politics is local. I am told the local flood was caused by the catastrophic collapse of a city of Pharr drainage canal wall in historically marginalized south Pharr — once called “Calcutta on the Rio Grande” in a national newspaper. This is not being investigated, studied, and no individual, as “Pharr” as I know, is being held accountable.

Kenneth C. Fletcher, Pharr

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