LETTERS: City obligated to maintain roads at senior park

City obligated to maintain roads at senior park

My name is Ron Weaver. I live year-round in the Pharr South 55-plus senior park on South Cage Boulevard, across from IHOP. I spoke with the city of Pharr engineering department three times. The city of Pharr will not repair or maintain our roads because we are a gated community for safety reasons, with 380 homes.

Eighty percent of the residents are Winter Texans paying double in taxes, while 20 percent live here year-round, and some of us are paying homestead rates referred to as P6500, or age 65 and over.

Frankly, our property values are decreasing in value and a lot of homes are on the market. The Winter Texans are a huge economic impact for the Valley. After 36 years of tax assessments it is time for the city of Pharr to include Pharr South senior community park in a maintenance cycle like all the rest of the residential neighborhoods.

Otherwise, this is pure taxation without representation. A city is judged on how it treats its residents, and it’s time to pony up and help us with our surface road care.

Ronald Weaver, Pharr

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